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Q:What size dumbbells will the KettleShell attach to?

A:Our current product accommodates dumbbells with handles up to 35mm in diameter. Based on our hinged design, dumbbells with handles larger than 35mm cannot currently be utilized with the KettleShell (we are developing a larger version of the KettleShell to fit larger dumbbells, so stay tuned!).

Q:Will smaller diameter dumbbells (handles less than 35mm in diameter) move within the KettleShell during use?

A:These dumbbells may spin or slide during use depending on their size (we are working on developing a "sleeve" to decrease this accessory motion, as well as protect the attached piece of equipment), but should not impact the quality of the exercise motion.

Q:How much does the KettleShell weigh?

A:The KettleShell weighs 4lbs.

Q:How heavy of dumbbells can be used with the KettleShell?

A:Our current design accommodates dumbbells up to 50 pounds in weight when being used for swings. When used for Farmer's Walks or deadlifts, the KettleShell can be used for weights up to 325 pounds.

Q:How long does it take to attach the KettleShell to a dumbbell?

A:The KettleShell can be attached to a dumbbell in less than five seconds.

Q:What happens if the dumbbell is too wide to comfortably perform a swing?

A:Use the KettleShell with a neutral grip (so that the dumbbell is perpendicular to your stance). This will not only allow for more clearance, but will decrease your risk of shoulder impingement.

Q:If I have questions about the KettleShell that are not on this page how can I get more information?

A:Please send us an email at kettleshell@gmail.com and we will get you additional information. Thanks!